Turn bad into good fat

Bad fat turned good The scientific community used to believe that brown and white fat cells in any living organism could not be converted from one kind to the other, until a Swiss scientific team showed that they actually can be converted from one type to the other.good fat

Christian Wolfrum, from ETH Zurich, used mice in order to experiment with a new idea to treat obesity. They proved that white fat cells, the cells that store energy in our bodies, can be converted to brown fat cells, the type of fat cell that burns energy instead of storing it.

It is a well known fact that both mice and humans form brown fat cells in their white fat to resist cold temperatures by burning some of the energy that was stored in the white fat cells. These cells are called brown-in-white (“brite”) are found in smaller numbers at warmer temperatures. What these scientists wanted to demonstrate was if these brite cells that are formed by an exposure to cold temperatures were previously white fat cells. In order to expose that this is in fact the case, they genetically engineered mice that they could put a label in some of their white fat cells. They exposed the mice to cold temperatures, and they found that some of these white fat cells turned into brite fat cells. These cells were converted back to white fat cells after the mice were exposed to warmer temperatures. Wolfrum el al. were successful in proving that, in mice, white fat cells can transform into brite cells, and brite cells can transform into white fat cells. This could be true not only for mice but for humans too, since human beings are like mice in that both have the same kind of cells. This transformation from white fat cell to brown fat cell due to exposure to colder temperatures probably takes place in humans too.
good fats vs bad fats

Now that they know that white fat cells can be converted to brite cells, Wolfrum et al. are looking for nutritional or pharmaceutical ways to make this change occur in people obesity patients. Wolfrum says that if this is a revolutionary way of looking for a solution for obesity. He says that the treatments for obesity that we currently have only focus on reducing the amount of calories that people are consuming, and that the pharmacological treatments aimed to treat obesity are inefficient and are the cause of many side effects. This new kind of treatment that he proposes, however, would aim to treat obesity through the formation of brite cells to burn calories.

Exercise changes the way your fat cells work

You can change the way your fat cells operate by exercising regularly Exercise will help you lose weight and burn calories, no-one seems to be disagreeing with that. Apart from that, exercise will vastly improve your health in general. It will help chase away any signs of depression, as well as make you stronger and improve the health of your blood vessels. You might not even notice it, but all of this affects your weight.slimming process

To further study the effects of exercising on people’s health, Lund University (located in Sweden) has identified the epigenetic changes in the body during and after the exercising process.

They gathered the results by closely analyzing the methyl groups inside the fat cells. The group consisted of 23 slightly-overweight men that weren’t showing any other health deficiencies at the time. All of them were in their mid 30′s. They had them perform exercising activities for six months (spinning and aerobics classes, to be accurate), and they never really exercised much before.

Although it’s a well known fact that DNA has a direct correlation to our genetic attributes, not a lot of people know that epigenetic modifiers determine what genes are used by what cells. And the most typical change that can be detected is the addition of the methyl group to the DNA. This alters the shape of genes and affects how they act inside the cell. Finally, this determines the levels of protein produced.

Because scientists now understand more about how our bodies function, there has been an increased emphasis on the study of epigenetics. In other words: researchers have determined that by exercising, the body is able to switch the status of certain cells to ‘on’ or ‘off’, which affects the whole genetic activity inside our bodies. By exercising, you activate certain genetic groups, which helps fight off diseases like diabetes type 2 and others. And yes, this genetic activity will help you lose weight.discovery health

Scientists discovered that more than 7000 genes experienced a degree of change, and about one third of them were of human origin. The research continued so that the scientists isolated these cells within a tube and genetically modified them with the intent of simulating the effect of exercise. They concluded that this fundamentally changes the metabolism process within the cells.

Specifically, the fat production of the aforementioned fat cells was on the increase. This is because of them becoming more and more efficient at sugar removal – the one they were being fed.

Currently, it’s still unknown in what manner this affects the whole body.

Biotechnology and Fat Cells There is an alternative to liposuction and diets: Biotecnology

biochemizeA knife-cum-vacuum cleaner might be the only solution for those suffering from troublesome fat cells they will suck them out quickly. We hope this process can become as easy as taking a shower.

It is hard to get rid of fat cells without the use of surgery

There are few chemical options to suck those pesky fat cells out, according to serious dieters. Diet pills tend to use either of the following two methods to get rid of fat cells: the first is a restriction in the amount of calories you consume, and the second is the prevention of the absorption of the calories you have already consumed. However, there are serious side effects related to these methods, and they will end up causing more harm than good in the end. But some researchers at MD Anderson have developed a way to fix this health issue with the creation of a bio pharmaceutical, which will send a chemical package with destructive power towards any fat cell in your body.

Biotechnology researchers: what they have found out

The idea came directly from the annals of a field called cancer chemotherapy. Cancer drugs have to be toxic because they must get rid of cancer cells. The issue is that these drugs not only kill cancer cells, but everything else. Researchers have been working hard to deliver the poison of these drugs only to cancer cells, so they can get rid of the foregoing problem. Our body has its own address system, and the researchers at MD Anderson have found out how to use it to deliver the poison of these drugs only to fat cells. Drugs of vascular zip code is the nickname of this new group of drugs.biotechnology

How these drugs get rid of fat cells

The reality is that blood vessels do more than just carrying food around our bodies they are a huge collection of pipes. Blood vessels have a system to distinguish the location of each one of its members, so each chemical package can go to the right organ.

Adipose is the name of the new drug, which visits blood vessels with the task of delivering food to fat cells. Adipose will read the sign board of the body thanks to its special tag it can match the fat signboard. The drug will trigger the death of the fat cells by binding to the sign board the lining blood vessels of the cells get the poison. Fat cells die when they cannot consume enough food to survive their blood vessels no longer exist. R.I.P. fat cells!